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6 Things to Consider Before Proposing Her for Marriage

It is important for everyone to know him or her to whom you want to be your better half. It rarely happens when you get into a relationship with your childhood friend. Most of the time, you get attracted to someone on their personality and from there, getting into a relationship; is just the start […]

5 Ways that can Save Your Marriage

  To be in a healthy and happy marriage you should know how to deal with the conflicts that most commonly lead to problems in a relationship. Following are 5 bits of advice that can help you to enjoy a stronger relationship and will teach you how to save your marriage and avoid divorce: 1) […]

5 Signs that show your Relationship is Over

It is considered that one who maintains each and every relation of his or her life is matured enough to handle everything. Nowadays it is considered as one of the important things in life. Because nobody wants to compromise in their lives. There are 5 signs provided to you that will show your relationship is […]

6 Points to Consider when to Give Up on Marriage

Marriage is that relation which creates a bond between couples to understand each other and wants to spend their life together. Marriage is not to be taken lightly. Daily flights of husband-wife are a problem, feelings of bitterness and not interested in spending time with each other may lead you to consider that the marriage […]

How to make a Guy Fall in Love with You?

In today’s world mostly youth believe in being in: live in relationship. Girls always try to get the boy’s attention and for this, they ask several questions too. They ask their friends, families, or even strangers. To get a boy’s attention towards you, here are the suggestions that you have to adapt to make a […]

Why do some Happy Marriages turn into Divorce?

In today’s world, people started adopting modern culture whether it is related to education, relations, dressing styles or any other small or big issues. If we talk about the relations, it is time to worry for that couple who don’t compromise with each other in every situation. They simply think about to end the relationship […]

How to Fix Broken Relationship after Cheating

  Are you facing break-up in relationship and reason behind your break up was cheating? And now you want to know that how to fix broken relationship after cheating? Then you are at right place we are here to make help you, by the help of our astrologer you can easily know that how can […]