How should be Children’s Room according to Vastu Shastra?

vastu tips for kids room

Every home owner or the parents of children should take care of the Vastu of their children’s room with the complete Vastu-idea of ​​their house. It is necessary for the children to live in a Vastu friendly house or room for their advancement and intelligence. Here we are providing complete vastu tips for the kids room or children room.

  • Children’s room in the house can be in East, North, West or Vyavya. The decoration of the children’s rooms in the south, south, or igneous must be fully suited to them, only then they will move towards higher education while remaining healthy.
  • According to astrology consultancy, the color of the children’s room should be completely according to their auspicious color. In your children’s horoscope, the maximum of the planets, which are the largest of the planets like Lagnesh, Madhyamesh, Panchamesh, or according to the zodiac planet of the child should have the color and curtain of its room.
  • If the children are one or more, then the color of the walls should be according to the child who is older and is doing important learning. If both are same then two different auspicious colors can be used in their room.
  • The color of the curtains should be slightly darker than the color of the wall and if you want to know more vastu tips then consult a famous astrologer in world.
  • Children’s bed should not be very high and it should be placed in such a way that the head of the children should be facing towards the east and the feet towards the west. There should be a table and chair on the north side of the bed.
  • While reading, the mouth of the child should be towards the east and the back should be towards the west.
  • If the computer is to be kept in the child’s room, then the computer can be placed in an igneous angle from the bed towards the south.
  • If the door of the child’s room is in the east direction, then the bed should be from south to north. The head should be in the south and feet in the north. In such a situation the study table should be located on the east side near the computer table.
  • There should be a rack of children’s books and a wardrobe with their clothes in the south corner.
  • If you want to keep bathrooms and toilets connected to the room, then it can be in the west or in the western direction.

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