How to Support Partner In Financial Responsibilities After Marriage?

How to Support Partner In Financial Responsibilities After Marriage

After marriage, the share of household responsibility falls on the husband and wife and one of them is financial responsibility. In today’s time, where both husband and wife are working, then the question arises that how to divide the expenses of the house among themselves so that neither partner is burdened with financial responsibility. Sharing financial responsibility after marriage will not only strengthen your relationship, but you will also be able to trust each other.

1. Save two percent of both the partners’ income

This point is often mentioned last but you should mention saving first. You and your partner should withdraw two percent of your income and put it in the combine account. Anyone can withdraw money from the joint account of husband and wife if needed, but for this, apart from expenses, you should also adopt a saving scheme. For more information consult world famous astrologer.

2. Your right to your account and earnings

After marriage, you may be sharing your partner’s hand in financial responsibilities, but you should not give full rights to your earnings and your account to the partner, for this reason there is a fight in many couples. You have the first right to your earnings and account, after that you can give access to your account to the partner but it is not right to give details of money or full access to the account.

3. Split the payment of bills

To share the financial responsibility after marriage, you can divide the payment of bills among themselves, first fill the necessary bills and then complete the payment of small bills. You can divide the payment of bills on the basis of income or half month bill is paid by one partner and half month bill by other partner to get husband wife problem solution.

4. Sharing should be fixed on the basis of income

Sharing financial responsibility after marriage does not mean that both the partners can bear the same expenses, you have to share the responsibility and not the money. It may happen that your partner’s income is more or less than yours, in that case you share the percentage of total income like sitting with partner and decide what percentage of your income you can give in house expenses and equally your partner Even if you can, share only such a part.

5. Do not put the burden of personal expenses on the partner

After marriage, the burden of financial responsibility should not fall on any one partner, many couples depend on the partner for their personal expenses despite working, but this can increase the estrangement between you, you should bear your personal expenses on your own and In case of low income, it should be discussed with your partner.

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