How to Know Your Partner Is Cheating You?

partner cheating

Every relationship has love and trust. When it seems that your partner is hiding something from you and you start doubting, then there is definitely something that is not right. If you are feeling this kind of behavior of your partner, then find out in some of these ways.

Signs by which you can know if your partner is cheating on you or not

1. Are they making excuses?

According to astrology consultancy If your partner is making a fuss about everything, it means that he is bored with you. If you question when they don’t pick up their calls, don’t come to visit, and they’re making such sisters who seem useless, then maybe they are hiding something from you or maybe they are not interested in meeting you anymore.

2. Is he ignoring you?

Ignore your call, Ignore by pretending to work. Ignoring your words indicates that he is busy with someone else and instead of paying attention to you, he is paying attention to someone else. It is important for you to know why they are doing this. This will probably reveal whether many more have come in his life or not.

3. Are you finding fault in everything?

Your partner used to treat you with great love earlier, but for some time if he is finding fault in every little thing of yours, then it means that now he does not like anything you have done.

4. Are you comparing with others?

If your partner is comparing you to someone else. They are proving you bad by showing you someone else’s good things, which means they like the things of people more than you. If this is happening again and again, then it is a sign that they want someone else not you by consulting world famous astrologer.

5. Is your partner lying to you?

Telling lies is the biggest reason for the rift in the relationship. If you are coming to know that your partner is lying to you many times, then surely he is hiding something. If she is screaming a lot at you when her lie is caught, then understand that it is better to get angry with her than to tell the truth.

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