What you should do to stop a divorce?


When couples face issues in their married life the small arguments turn into the major fights and couples start fighting with each other on small things. So deal with these issues couples get separated from each other and take divorce they think that divorce is the only solution to deal with the issues. But in reality these all are not the solution to deal with marital issues.

What are the common marital issues between couples?

When a girl and boy get married with each other they promise each other to spend entire life. In the beginning everything goes as they want. But after sometime things are becoming messy and change. Each and every relationship goes through up and down. Couples have to face sorrow and happiness in relationship. Thus it all depends on the couples that how they deal with the problems arise in married life. Below mention are some of the problems that arise in married life and couples headed towards divorce:

  • Lack of communication
  • Increasing misunderstanding among couples
  • get love back
  • Financial Problems
  • In laws problems
  • Extra marital affair
  • Priority issues between couples
  • Not spending time with each other
  • And many more

Above all are some of the problems that arise in life of couples. There are several more problems arise instead of them between couples. Likewise above all are the problems that take couples headed towards divorce. To deal with these kinds of problems they need to consult a divorce problem solution astrologer. He will remove all the factors that are making hurdles in your married life. After consulting him you will see a change in your married life. And happiness comes back in marriage. You and your partner will able to live happily once again.  

Astrology remedies to deal with husband wife dispute:

  • During festivals, food and water to be offered to ancestors and thanks given to them.
  • Both the husband and wife together should donate anything to needy people regularly.
  • A bedroom in the West direction should be avoided as it can cause a separation from the spouse.
  • The position of the wife while sleeping should be to the left hand side of the husband and the couple should make use of the same pillow. Avoid using different pillows.
  • While sleeping, the head should be either in South or East direction and if it is the opposite then an image of water flowing should be kept in the bedroom.
  • The colour of the bedroom is also very important. It should be either light pink or light green. Yellow shades and dark colours should be avoided.
  • Rose or white flowers should be bought by the couple on a Friday and kept in the bedroom. Other flowers should not be purchased.
  • Light fragrance to be purchased on a Friday and used by both the partners.
  • White sweet to be offered to the Goddess and eaten by self on a Friday. Avoid eating sour food and it will benefit a lot.

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