According to the scriptures, this mantra can awaken your chakras

dhyan chakra
  • Meditation state –
    All of you will be aware of this that every cycle of our body plays different and important role of itself. Each chakra has its own role and every chakra is unique in itself at its own level. Each chakra has a role of its own and each chakra is unique in itself at its own level. The way we start to awaken our chakras, in the same way, we also conquer our physical and spiritual life. And if we chant different and related mantras during meditation, then it proves to be very healthy and beneficial.

    Meditation –
    Concentration of chakras is considered very beneficial during meditation or meditation. So let’s know about the main 7 chakras and their related mantras and japos.

    Muladhara Chakra –
    “Om” … This mantra is for the mooladhara chakra which is towards the lowest part of the spine. By chanting this mantra, all the impurities in our body and the insecurity, doubt and insecurity present in the body are eliminated. Life is full of happiness and prosperity.

    Swadhisthan Chakra –
    “9th”… This mantra is for the Swadhisthana Chakra which is just behind the genitalia, chanting this mantra increases confidence and helps you to tell your self openly and tell. In |

    Manipur Chakra –
    “7th”…. This is the Manipur Chakra which lies in the spine just behind the navel. By chanting this mantra, you are able to get rid of negative emotions and control yourself and yourself.

    Anahata Chakra –
    “ॐYan”…. It is anahata chakra that lies in the spinal cord just like the heart. When you can do this mantra that when you feel that no one loves you and does not understand your importance, then this mantra will prove to be very beneficial for you.

    Purification cycle
    “7” … This chakra is connected to all the chakras, and if you feel irritable, you can get rid of trouble by chanting this mantra.

    Command cycle
    “Om” …… this is the chakra that exists between your eyebrows which has also been connected to the third eye. The chanting of this mantra generates wisdom in your soul and also helps to overcome the dilemma going on in life.

    Sahasrar Chakra –
    This is the Sahasrara Chakra which is on the upper part of the brain. This cycle guides liberation and is also called Kashi in Tantra lore. No mantra is fixed for this, use it to meditate on your guru.

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