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How to Save or Fix a Broken Marriage

It is the worst feeling in which you understand that the thing goes wrong in your relationship the affection between you and your spouse will spontaneously ending up. And indicates that the marriage, the relation will wind up or will already take out a step ahead about it. It leaves a trail of pain and […]

6 Things to Consider Before Proposing Her for Marriage

It is important for everyone to know him or her to whom you want to be your better half. It rarely happens when you get into a relationship with your childhood friend. Most of the time, you get attracted to someone on their personality and from there, getting into a relationship; is just the start […]

5 Ways that can Save Your Marriage

  To be in a healthy and happy marriage you should know how to deal with the conflicts that most commonly lead to problems in a relationship. Following are 5 bits of advice that can help you to enjoy a stronger relationship and will teach you how to save your marriage and avoid divorce: 1) […]

6 Points to Consider when to Give Up on Marriage

Marriage is that relation which creates a bond between couples to understand each other and wants to spend their life together. Marriage is not to be taken lightly. Daily flights of husband-wife are a problem, feelings of bitterness and not interested in spending time with each other may lead you to consider that the marriage […]

How to Bring Back Happiness in Marriage Life After You Cheated

Marriage is a true commitment of couple’s when they bond in this relation, they dedicated their whole with each other and help each other for accomplishing dreams and sacrifices for their partner happiness and make their marriage relation long lasting. But what happen, when one partner cheated on another spouse.  This is really very painful […]

दो चुटकी हल्दी, करा सकती है जल्दी विवाह

  वैसे  तो  प्राचीन काल से हल्दी को खाने और सौन्दर्य को बढ़ाने के लिए इसका किया जा रहा है लेकिन क्या आपको पता है हल्दी का उपयोग खाने के अलावा इसका  उपयोग वास्तु और कुंडली के दोष को ख़त्म करने के लिए किया जाता है। कुंडली में  अगर   बृहस्पति दोष ह तो उसके प्रभाव […]