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शादी को टूटने से बचाने के लिए क्या करे

यह सबसे खराब भावना है जिसमें आप समझते हैं कि आपके रिश्ते में बात गलत हो जाती है और आपके पति या पत्नी के बीच का संबंध सहज ही खत्म हो जाएगा। और इंगित करता है कि विवाह, संबंध हवा हो जाएगा या पहले से ही इसके बारे में एक कदम आगे ले जाएगा। यह […]

How to convince your parents for love marriage in a different caste without hurting them?

It is quite clear and often seen that inter-caste marriage is not much more supported by society, culture, and religion. As a result, what possibly will be the probable cause and reason for this? Cultural and caste difference – The most common and vital reason for denying inter-caste marriage is because of caste and cultural […]

Why do some Happy Marriages turn into Divorce?

In today’s world, people started adopting modern culture whether it is related to education, relations, dressing styles or any other small or big issues. If we talk about the relations, it is time to worry for that couple who don’t compromise with each other in every situation. They simply think about to end the relationship […]