First Lunar Eclipse of the year on 10 January

first lunar eclipse of the year

On January 10, 2020, the first lunar eclipse of the year appears. Some people are troubled to think whether the lunar eclipse will be hit by a thread or not. But let us tell you that the lunar eclipse will take place on January 10, which will be a shadow lunar eclipse. If we talk about theology, then it is called a mad eclipse. When this eclipse occurs, there is no eclipse on the moon, but its object is blurred.

It is being said that this lunar eclipse will be much weaker than the second lunar eclipse, so astrologers say that the impact of this eclipse in India will be negligible. On this eclipse, the stack will look new and the doors of temples will not be closed. According to astrologers, it is being said that this eclipse will not be placed in the category of eclipse.

That is why it is being said that there will be no prohibition of doing religious work at the time of eclipse. Magha fair is being held from January 10 and Paush Purnima is also on this day, so devotees will take a dip in Ganga Ji during this time. Donations can be performed on the day after Paush Purnima and after the eclipse. According to the scriptures, in this month, donations of virtue result in crores of times.

It is believed that salvation is attained by bathing and donations on the full moon of Pausha month. Therefore, those who wish for salvation are considered very auspicious. Because the month of Magh starts later. It is believed that if a bath is taken in any lake during a lunar eclipse, then all sins are dust. Apart from this, things like wheat, rice, and jaggery should also be donated.

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