Second Lunar Eclipse 5 June 2020, Know the importance

lunar eclipse

This year, the second lunar eclipse in 2020 is going to take place on Friday 5 June. This lunar eclipse is very special in many ways because it has been considered as a shadow eclipse which will happen on the full moon of the first month. The Moon will be in Scorpio during the eclipse period.

This lunar eclipse will start from 11 o’clock to 16 minutes on the night of June 5 and then will be at 2.32 minutes on the night of June 6. There will be a full lunar eclipse at 12.45 pm. The lunar ornament to be held on June 5 will be 3 hours 18 minutes. For more latest updates you can consult famous astrologer in world.

Where it will appear: India, Europe, Africa, Australia, some parts of Asia.

Importance of shadow lunar eclipse

In astrology, this eclipse will be completely different from the common lunar eclipse. In astrology, this event is not considered to be an eclipse, hence the impact of sutak will not be there. Since there is no Sutak period, no restriction of any kind will be placed in it, including worship and worship.

According to astrology consultancy, the shadow is excluded from the realm of an eclipse, so the Sutak period will not be valid in this eclipse. Whenever a lunar eclipse occurs, the moon enters the shadow of the earth before it. In the process of a lunar eclipse, it is called Chandra Malinya. There is no full lunar eclipse in the shadow, in which the moon appears only dim, for this reason, it is also called lunar malinya. Because of this, this astronomical event is called the shadow lunar eclipse instead of the lunar eclipse.

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