How to convince your parents for love marriage in a different caste without hurting them?

convince parents for love marriage

It is quite clear and often seen that inter-caste marriage is not much more supported by society, culture, and religion. As a result, what possibly will be the probable cause and reason for this?

  • Cultural and caste difference –

The most common and vital reason for denying inter-caste marriage is because of caste and cultural difference. In India, most of the people’s and parents want to marry their children in the same caste and in their religion and want to do arranged marriage which they had a mindset in their brains.

  • Social standing –

Most of the people’s does not supports and accepts inter-caste marriage because they thought it will affect their social standing and will provide a bad effect in social circle or provide the bad norms in the society. You can consult us and get a solution to inter-caste problem.

  • Making the right choice –

Almost most of the parents thought that their children will be happy in their marriage life and not all are against with the love marriage and inter-caste marriage because they thought and know that their children made the right choice in their life and they support them. If you are facing any issues then get the free astrology consultancy services.

  • Talk at the right time –

Talk at the right time with your parents when they are in a good mood and will listen to you in good manner. Do not make them shock by holding once all about you to them but make them tell and recognize about your relationship slowly likely tell them that how much you love them, how you both can able to live together and can share all the up and downs with your partner either you both are from a different caste.

  • Request your parents to meet your partner at least once –

Tells your parents to meet your partner at least once to know your choice either it is good or bad. Parents do not allow inter-caste marriage because it does not belong to their society, culture, and religions and does not understand it. Just talk and ask your parent to meet your partner at least once before deciding anything in their life.

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