How to make your parents agree for Inter Caste Love Marriage?

how to make parents agree for inter caste love marriage

From ancient times inter-caste marriage is not supported by our society; culture and religion, there are several issues that arise in their path. Thus it all depends on the couples that how they handle the issues of their inter-caste love marriage. But did you ever think that what is the cause and the reason behind it?

Nowadays each and every couple want to get married to their desired choice but at that time they have to face a lot of issues in their marriage path related to so many aspects. Then know about that what is the main cause and reason for this. Below mention are some of the reasons that are the main cause due to which couples face issues in their marriage life and know the ways that how you are able to cope with these situations.

Cultural and Caste Difference

One of the most common and vital reason due to which people deny for the inter-caste marriage is the difference in the caste and culture. In India, there are most of the people and parents who want their child get married in the same caste and in the same religion. From ancient times this is the mindset of the people that their child gets married in the same caste and does the arrange marriage.

Social Standing

Most people do not support and accept the inter-caste love marriage. The most common reason behind it that their narrow mind thinking and they thought that it will affect social standing and it will provide a bad effect in the social circle as well as it will also provide the bad norms in society.

Making the right choice

Some of the parents thought that their children will be happy in their marriage life and not all are against the love marriage and inter-caste marriage because they thought and know that their children made the right choice in their life and they support them or not. One can also take help of the astrology consultancy advice to make their parents agree.

Talk about it on Right time

When your parents are in a good mood then talk to them about your love and about everything that you are want to marry with that guy or girl. At that time they will listen to you in a good manner. Do not tell them everything in the once time. Take your time and slowly-slowly tell them everything about your relationship and desires.

If you tell them everything about your relationship then it will make your parents in the shock. Tell your parents that how much you love your partner and how much you love them, how you both can be able to live together and how you share the ups and downs of the relationship with your partner either you both are from the different caste.

Request your parents to meet your partner at least once

Try to tell your partner to meet with your partner at least once to know about the choice either it is a good habit or bad. Another reason due to which parents deny for the inter-caste love marriage is that it does not belong from their society, culture, and religions and it does not understand it. Talk to your parents and ask your parents to meet your partner at least once before deciding anything in their life.

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