Know the auspicious time of Raksha Bandhan

raksha bandhan

The thread of the Rakhi exerts auspicious powers in the life of the brother. This delicate thread protects the brother from crises. In the true sense, even though it is the custom to give a resolve to protect the sister, the reality is that this thread, tied with the auspicious hands of the sister, protects the brother from external forces, calamity and sufferings.

If the brothers make auspicious donations according to their zodiac sign after tying the rakhi, then this bond of rakhi becomes even more sacred for them. Rakshabandhan, the festival of Rakhi, is a festival of brotherly love, when a small thread is tied on the brother’s wrist, the brother is ready to sacrifice his life to protect his sister. The history of Rakshabandhan is very old, which is associated with the Dev era, Mahabharata period and Indus Valley Civilization. Raksha was earlier called ‘Raksha Sutra’. The tradition of tying this Raksha Sutra dates back to the Vedic period when a person was tied a nada or a thread of yarn called ‘kalava’ or ‘molly’ on the wrist during yajna, war, hunting, new resolutions and religious rituals.

Know the best auspicious time to tie Rakhi:

  • Rakhi tying time: from 09:27:30 to 21:11:21
  • Duration: 11 hours 43 minutes
  • Rakshabandhan pm Muhurta: 13:45:16 to 16:23:16
  • Rakshabandhan Pradosh Muhurta: 19:01:15 to 21:11:21

Auspicious time:

  • From 6:00 to 7:30,
  • 9:00 to 10:30,
  • From 3:31 to 6:41
  • Rahukkal – 7:30 am to 9:00 am (Do not tie rakhi during Rahukkal)

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