Effective measures to dissolve love in Newly Married Couple

Effective measures to dissolve love in Newly Married Couple

Whenever someone has a new marriage, it seems that both will be in love and immersed in romance, but in many cases, it is seen that the place of love and inclination to understand each other and live up to the expectations of the family. Stretch, tension, pressure increases. Are you also facing such a problem, then in today’s article we are going to tell the solution, with the help of which the husband will get rid of the wife problems.

Know tips for dissolving love in husband and wife:

  • First of all, see in which direction your bed is, newlyweds should keep their bed in east-west (head east, feet west).
  • From your clothes to everything, you should use only light or beautiful colors. Use Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange colors more and more.
  • Keep two plants from the couple in your bedroom. For this, you can use Bainbu, which is considered a symbol of prosperity. Keeping them from the couple will increase love.
  • The right corner of the house and bedroom is called a relationship corner, which can help strengthen your relationship further. You can also decorate it with pink flowers, or you can put your couple’s photo in a frame. But do not keep anything or picture related to water. You can avail of services of astrology consultancy.
  • Always place such colors in your room, which will relax the eyes. Put romantic things in your room.
  • Give some gifts to each other in love, and place these gifts in your bedroom, so that by seeing them you can feel the feeling of love again and again.
  • Decorate the southwest corner of the bedroom with beautiful flowers every day. Beautiful colorful candles can also be decorated. This will increase love between you.
  • Do not allow unnecessary things in the bedroom. Get the couple photo framed in the bedroom. This will increase love between you.
  • Hang the colored crystal balls in the gallery adjacent to the room.
  • Place incense sticks in a safe place in the bathroom attached to the room. Keep camphor cake.
  • Put a picture of Radhakrishna immersed in love.

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