What is importance of Devshayani Ekadashi?

devshyani ekadashii

Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Ashada month is called ‘Vishnushayan’ or ‘Devshayani’ Ekadashi. This year, Devshayani Ekadashi is on 1 July 2020. ‘Devshayani’ Ekadashi means the commencement of God’s sleeping. ‘Chaturmas’ also starts with Devashayan. Along with Devashayan, there is a halt to magical themes like marriage, homeland, homeland, mundane.

The beauty of our Sanatan Dharma is that we have also connected the country-time-situation systems with religion and God. Religion is a system and in order to keep this system in order, it was necessary that its rules should be followed.

Society considers any rule for only two reasons – the first reason is ‘greed’ and the second reason is – ‘fear’, in addition, there is a third and best reason – ‘love’ but rarely give importance to that basis. Are the same. If we call the God of the present society as a combined form of ‘greed’ and ‘fear’, it will not be an exaggeration.

There are more country-time-circumstantial reasons behind Hinduism’s Devashayan festival than spiritual reasons. These days the rainy season starts. Normal life becomes a little disturbed and home-centered due to rain. You can consult a specialist in vashikaran.

If we look at it from a spiritual perspective, Devasayan never happens. The person whom sleep cannot touch, and the person who awakes from sleep, is God.

Think, how will this universe operate if God sleeps! ‘Ishwar’ is also the name of the waking element in sleep, and by its nature, a person is also able to wake up from sleep. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says ‘or Nisha Sarvabhutanam Tasyaam Jagarti Sanyami’ i.e. when it is the night for everyone, the yogi still stays awake. For more information you can get consultancy services of astrology. This does not mean that a yogi does not sleep physically; Sleeps but he is awake on the floor of Chaitanya.

The name of Nindra is Sansar and Jagran’s name is ‘Ishwar’. Think for yourself how that supreme awakening element can sleep! Devashayan; Dev Jagaran is all these systematic things. If the present generation is to be associated with religion, then it is necessary to explain the hidden aims of these traditions. We see Devashayan in the context of the restraint of our desires and desires. In our scriptures also, there is a directive to prohibit certain things during the Devshayan period and to obey taboos, so that the seeker can lead a moderate life during the Devshayan period. Devashayan helps us in moving forward on the path of renunciation.

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